Short Plays

for Adult

When Alice went through the looking-glass, her reflection came out. She's called Celia, and she's been stuck on the wrong side of the mirror for 130 years. We meet her shortly after she's hooked up with a long-haul trucker named Lou, who's thrown for a loop when she tells him her story -- and even more so when she asks him to help her do the impossible: she just wants to find her innocence. Cast-size 2.

Winner of the Heideman 10-Minute-Play Award. World premiere at Actors Theatre of Louisville. Multiple productions worldwide.

Published and licensed by Samuel French, Inc. (Concord Theatricals). For script and licensing information click here.

Morpheus Quartet

Four nightmares, interwoven contrapuntally, from the dream lives of the members of a string quartet. Lust, anxiety, grief, a Mustang, a cat, a warm bath and a perfect glass of wine all figure into this funny, haunting, musical meditation on harmony, disharmony and the desire to connect with others while wandering the Great Unknown.

Printed in 30 Ten-Minute Plays from Actors Theatre of Louisville for 4, 5 & 6 Actors, published by Smith & Kraus. To purchase, click here. For licensing information, contact the author at

Katie Did

When Tom wakes up, he finds himself in the bed of his own little girl, Katie, dressed in her "Daddy's Little Angel" nightgown. And when his wife, Faith, discovers him in Katie's bed, Katie is who she sees. Faith finds Tom/Katie's bemused babbling funny and then scary as he continues to insist that he's not who she thinks he is. WTF is going on here? Somebody must be dreaming ... but the truth is its own nightmare in this short, sharp shock of a play.

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Bridal Veil Falls

A young woman named Genevieve, lying in bed dressed in a wedding gown, is trying to decide if she should eat the apple sitting in front of her. A serpentine man named Fell, standing by the bed, tells her to do it and becomes increasingly frustrated when she hesitates. He's just about to take matters into his own hands when a young man named Tom shows up, calling Genevieve "Gramma" and reminiscing about family history -- an arrival that completely upsets Fell's plans.

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Kristen Brennan as Genevieve in Bridal Veil Falls at Son of Semele Ensemble